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If you are searching for the perfect compliment to your living room set, or a great way to offset the rest of the furniture in your bedroom, kitchen, den, or loft, consider the wide variety of mid-century modern dining tables in Bethesda as well as on the Urban Loft website. Our selection consists of unique dining tables as well as bar tables, desks, bistro tables, outdoor tables, and more.

We Have a Variety of Table Styles: What Is Yours?

We have different styles to suit different tastes. Choose a design that is sturdy or delicate. Decide on a uniquely designed stand or the traditional four posts. Opt for an attention-grabbing tabletop in a bold material like marble or a basic wooden top. Select a certain shape for the top: a circular tabletop or a long, rectangular top.

Make this piece a finishing touch or the centerpiece of a room. Urban Loft offers a range of mid-century modern dining tables and on our website so that you can select a style that will truly stand out or one that will instead blend well as a complement to the rest of the space.

We have a variety of table styles and want to know: what is yours?

About Urban Loft

Urban Loft has been selling Mid-Century Modern furniture online and in our showroom in Bethesda, MD since 2002. We cater to those living a contemporary, urban lifestyle. In addition to sophistication, we prize quality and good character. That is why our products, such as our mid-century modern dining tables in Bethesda, are top-of-the-line, but reasonably priced. That is also why we make it a priority to give back by sharing a portion of our proceeds with charitable causes.