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When living in an apartment in the city, one needs to view things a bit differently:

  • The space beneath beds is no longer just that; it offers a wealth of storage options.
  • The kitchen is no longer just for cooking; it is a valuable gathering space.
  • The entryway is no longer just for walking through; it is a space to showcase art, family photos, and more.
  • Walls are no longer just to separate rooms; they are a place to store your belongings with well-placed storage options.

Take advantage of this last point with Mid-Century modern shelves in Bethesda, found at Urban Loft’s brick-and-mortar showroom. Here at Urban Loft, instead of walls, we see shelving space—and have designed some snazzy shelving options accordingly.

Our Mid-Century modern shelves offer options such as:

  • A fun tic tac toe bookcase that provides shelves without crowding the space with a heavy wooden backing of sides, making it a great option for a small space to maximize the area.
  • A Massimo bookcase that goes in the opposite direction: heavy sides, top, and bottom, but light, glass shelves to again make the most of the space with this open feel.
  • Smart design with the Taylor bookcase, which is elegantly designed to fit in tight corners or stack side by side another Taylor bookcase for even more storage.

Has this got your imagination going? Come in to view all of our Mid-Century modern shelves in Bethesda to see just how creative our design team is—and how this creativity can help you make the most out of your city dwelling.