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Urban Loft has taken special care to ensure that our selection of sofas and loveseats is full of eye-catching variety. That’s because we know that a sofa or loveseat is the centerpiece of any home. It sets the mood for good living. A stand-out sofa or loveseat can make an entire room thunder with excitement or whisper quiet sweetness, while a lackluster sofa or loveseat can sap the life from room, making even regular tasks dreary and exhausting. Look through our options on our website or our variety of Mid-Century Modern sofas in Bethesda in our showroom to find the one that catches your eye.

Go the Traditional Route

Want something on the more traditional side? Choose one of our standard options amongst our Mid-Century Modern sofas in Bethesda such as the Gus Modern Davenport Sofa. This beautiful option recreates classic style with subtle fabric colors that add “extra” to the “ordinary.”

Or Opt for an Atypical Design

Seeking to go a bit off the grid with a one-of-a-kind look? Take a step away from the typical sofas in our modern sofas in Bethesda and instead go with the Gus Modern Carmichael Loft Sofa, which features an elongated back to add extra intrigue and elegance. To step even further from a traditional look, perhaps the Boras Sofa is for you. It is a totally unique design by ControlBrand, made of wood with a freeform base and spindle back.

Among our Mid-Century Modern sofas in Bethesda, you will also find the Franz Settee by ControlBrand. This is also an elegant choice that differs from what you would typically find because of its upright, delicate and wooden design. Dwell Studio’s Harrison Chaise or the Harrison Tete-a-Tete piece with added support are also unique options to add a bit of intrigue to your décor.

Or Is Practical Your Style?

Perhaps when searching through all these designs in our Mid-Century Modern sofas in Bethesda you are overwhelmed with style and just want something that works. If so, perhaps practical is more for you. If you are searching for a furniture piece that will add function as well as form to the room, consider our Gus Modern Flip Sofabed, which converts into a comfortable bed for guests.

The Gus Modern James Sleeper Lounge in our collection of modern sofas in Bethesda is another option, with removable back cushions for a simple way to create a sleeping space. The Crasher Original Sofa Bed by ControlBrand is also a possible choice, with a backrest that has two adjustable elements, creating a variety of seating options: an upright sofa, a sofa with slightly relaxed back support, or a completely lowered-down backrest to create a bed.

You Could Also Go Completely Different!

Why go with variations on the same theme? Never forget you can also opt for a look that is as daringly original as you are! Our Downlow designs are a perfect example. These sofas and loveseats are crinkled, cozy seating options for anyone with a taste for bold furnishings, color, and comfort.

The Othelia Sofa by ControlBrand is another choice amongst our Mid-Century Modern sofas in Bethesda for anyone seeking a design that stands out. The sofa is made from “floating” leather and features circular cushions that add an instant sense of fun and modernity to your home.

What are you waiting for? Get started searching for the best look for you today.