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To make a big statement with your choice of furniture, consider buying one of our Mid-Century Modern sectional sofas in Bethesda. These pieces are nearly all you need to decorate an entire room. They are well equipped to seat a large group of guests, as well as serving as suitable sleeping options for overnight guests. Get one of these commanding couches one of our bright hue options if you’d like to add an even bigger wow-factor to any room.

Read on to learn how these furniture pieces can delight the senses with unique designs and eye-catching colors.

The Standard Sectional: A Stylish Staple for Entertaining

Urban Loft has a huge selection of traditional sectional sofas. These furniture pieces don’t need much tweeking. They are made to fit a large amount of guests and to decorate a room without overpowering it. To complete such a look, we suggest purchasing minimal accessories. Simple end tables, a great coffee table, and maybe a nice rug are all that you need to finish off the room. Let one of our Mid-Century Modern sectional sofas in Bethesda do the rest.

With such a large piece of furniture, we don’t recommend going overboard with a lot of bookshelves, heavy paintings, or other designs. Let the sofa shine on its own!

Slight Variations to Add Interest for the Off-Beat Host

These modern sectional sofas in Bethesda offer multiple seating options and sometimes even come with an ottoman as well. Most are in a standard “L” shape, though some vary slightly. The Sadie 3-Piece Sectional by Younger Products takes sectional sofas to a new level with a “U” shape that commands the entire room.

Or consider the Joel Right Arm Sofa by Younger Products. This is one of our most unique options in our selection of Mid-Century Modern sectional sofas in Bethesda. This sofa has a stylish curve that will still accommodate multiple guests, but offers a look that is a bit different than the normal sectional couch.

Another great option in our Mid-Century Modern sectional sofas in Bethesda is the Vice Left Facing Bumper Sectional that includes a table built right in the design. This is a great way to purchase all of your furnishings for an entire room in one go. With this choice, all you would need is the perfect rug and perhaps a painting to completely decorate the room. Simple elegance and function, too. What could be better?

Urban Loft: Find Your Style

Urban Loft designs its Mid-Century Modern sectional sofas in Bethesda and other items for the stylish, young professional. Because we believe that beautiful living should be within anyone’s reach, we select quality items that are priced so that you can get the best of both worlds: great furniture at an even greater price.