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Not all lighting was created equal. Sometimes when you’re looking to decorate a certain room or part of the house, you need something a little more specific. Not every style will mix in with what you’ve established throughout your home or living space, and this is actually exactly why mid-century modern designs are so popular. Our collection of mid-century modern pendant lamps will help you light just about any room in your house, without the worry of clashing.

Mid-Century Modern Designs, Perfect for Any Home or Office

Our collection of mid-century modern stylings are perfect because of their versatility. Urban Loft has one of the best collections of modern pendant lamps in Bethesda, MD, and we’re excited to share our inventory with you! No matter what you’re working with, the simple, clean lines of our mid-century modern pieces will go great with your other furniture. Your lighting doesn’t need to be the most attention-getting thing in the room, which is why our designs are perfect for just about any level of style or sophistication.

A Variety of Shapes and Styles

The search for a great collection of mid-century modern pendant lamps is finally over. Here at Urban Loft, we’ve worked hard to make sure you’re connected with the lighting and furniture that you need, no matter what. We’ll help you communicate your sense of style with ease.