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Office Chairs

To support your urban lifestyle, we have designed excellent chairs to support you as you toil away in your home office. Be it for a long project for work that you had to take home, taxes, holiday cards, photo albums, or other home organization activities, we know that your desk is a place at which you will spend a lot of time. Our Mid Century modern office chairs in Bethesda ensure that you will spend that time in style.

Not only that, but our luxury office chairs in Bethesda, MD are also designed with your health in mind. We place special emphasis on lower back support to limit the amount of hunching you end up doing while seated in our chairs. Our chairs dip in a bit right at the low back to encourage sitting up straight instead of slouching.

Our Mid Century modern office chairs in Bethesda come in a range of colors. Choose a traditional office color such as black, brown, white, natural, or grey. Alternately, pick a bright color to perk up your mood whenever you work. Urban Loft has office chairs in blue, burgundy, green, red, orange, and pink, designed to add a pop of color to your office instead of creating a dull workspace.

Beyond that, consider details like wheels on the bottom of the chair for easy movement, metal accents for extra flash, or leather for an even more luxurious feel. The choice is yours! Come in to our showroom to make your decision today.