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The upside: your new, top floor apartment in the city has a great view and unparalleled access to the building’s rooftop.

Downside: to reach your apartment, you need to climb five flights of stairs with tight corners in a skinny hallway. This makes moving furniture up the stairs a nightmare. This also makes the idea of purchasing large furniture items, like an office desk, truly terrifying.

Here at Urban Loft, we have been there and done that. We’ve designed desks to suit your urban lifestyle—right down to the narrow hallway and five flights of stairs.

Come on in to our Maryland showroom. We’ll help you find a Mid-Century Modern office desk in Bethesda that is not only right for your office, but also right for the path that it needs to take to get there.

To decide on your office desk, look through our sleek options, which include contemporary looks like:

  • The Hypercube Desk, which features a glass desktop and floating, cube drawers.
  • The Eze Table, which could easily double as an extra dining table when you are hosting numerous guests.
  • The Gus Modern Junction Desk, which has a wooden top held up by thin, metal legs to keep a light feel.

Urban Loft designs furniture for the hip, urban dweller, so don’t feel like you have to stay in the box when designing your office. To make the room even more fresh, choose an atypical chair, like one of our cubes or a brightly colored office chairs, to offset the Mid-Century Modern office desk in Bethesda that you decide on. It’ll look great!