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Not every guest will see your bedroom. Not every guest will see the kitchen. Not every guest will see the back patio or the extra bedroom. But most guests will ask what time it is. To prepare for this moment, at Urban Loft, we suggest that you have an extraordinary clock on your wall to leave a lasting impression on each person that enters your home.

Our Mid-Century modern wall clocks in Bethesda, Maryland are designed for more than just keeping time. With whimsical designs, unique shapes, and unexpected details, these clocks add fun and interest to your décor.

Take, for example, the Green Pencil Clock. The hour hands are green pencils! It may not obvious at first glance, but the discerning viewer will notice the detail and remember it. A similar example is the Fork and Spoon Wall Clock, where forks and spoons denote the hour hands. This clock is perfect for the kitchen.

For the city dweller who truly never feels like they leave sight of their iPhone, Urban Loft presents the 1 Clock, which mimics the face of a smart phone. For the math whiz, pick the Quiz Wall Clock, which has fractions and subtraction problems.

Why not make you home one that people talk about long after they have left? Select one of our Mid-Century modern wall clocks in Bethesda, Maryland today. So in the next twenty-four hours: our clocks are counting down!