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The couch has been selected. It is the frame of the room and the place where everyone relaxes, facing towards the center. The color palette is set, with window treatments, wallpaper, and painted walls. Now comes the fun part: filling in with splashes of color and pattern with paintings, trinkets, rugs, chairs, and ottomans. Look through the Mid-Century Modern ottomans in Bethesda at Urban Loft’s showroom to add some life to your decor!

Get Started with Chairs and Ottomans

Get started with the hard-working cousins of the couch: the chairs and ottomans. These furniture pieces are a fantastic place to add style to the room. Create a style counterpoint to the couch or go with the flow and select a design that are near matches with sofa. Whatever your preference, we have a wide-variety of modern chairs for the living room in Bethesda at our showroom location as well as right here in our online shop.

Let Us Help You Find Your Style

Urban Loft understands that “Mid-Century Modern” might not mean much to you aside from perhaps an old lesson in history class . . . or maybe it was philosophy? (Hint: it was most likely art history!) If decorating isn’t your strong suit, call up one of our customer service representatives or speak to one our staff members in our showroom to talk about which options in our Mid-Century Modern ottomans in Bethesda is for you. Our staff is here to help you fill in those blank spots to create a living room that breathes with life and style  — whether you know the meaning of Mid-Century Modern or not.

Impress Your Friends With Our Sleek Designs

The common thread of all of the pieces at Urban Loft is a stripped down, minimal taste. But that does not mean we compromise on style. In fact, sleek designs make our products the types that your guests will routinely ask you about. So, when viewing our Mid-Century Modern ottomans in Bethesda or online, note these details so that you are prepared to answer their questions:

Fun Facts:

  • The hand-carved base of the Erikson Bench by Dwell Studio is a call to the Scandinavian woodworking tradition. Even the name follows the Nordic tradition, creating a name such as “Erikson” for whoever is “Erik’s son.”
  • The Eye Wall Clock by Controlbrand may or may not have been created just for the joke “Keep your eye on the time!”
  • The word “ottoman” comes from the Ottoman Empire. This particular style of furniture was brought to Europe from the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.
  • Other words for “ottoman” include “footstool,” “tuffet,” hassock,” “pouf,” or “pouffe.”
  • The ottoman can be used as a footrest, a stool, storage, or even a coffee table.
  • When viewing our Mid-Century Modern ottomans in Bethesda, you’ll see the Harper Bench by Dwell Studio. It is made of European beech, certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Even if “Mid-Century Modern” isn’t a word you care to remember, we hope that some of these fun facts make explaining our products to your guests enjoyable. You can even give our staff a call if your guests have questions! We’re happy to join in the conversation. Bring yourself or your guests down to our showroom for a first-class tour of fine furniture or our selection of Mid-Century Modern ottomans in Bethesda. We hope to see you soon!