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Urban Loft knows the importance of outfitting every last corner of your home, especially in city living where dwellings are often rather small and every millimeter counts. Look through our Mid-Century Modern ceiling lamps in Bethesda to find a unique design to tie together your furnishings.

Our designers had a lot of fun when making our selection of Mid Century modern ceiling lamps in Bethesda. Consider the Big Bang Pendant Lamp or the Bell Pendant. They are both whimsical ways to add quirky shapes and unexpected style to your home. Our Como lamps are another great option, with unexpected patterns and designs. Or go with a strong look like the Black Gothic or Floro Chandeliers, which are sure to raise guests’ eyes to the ceiling as soon as they walk in the room.

Urban Loft also has on hand a few classic-looking designs with a twist, like the Grand Vasteras Chandelier, which features an array of circles, or the Momento Chandelier, which features a variety of meaningful note cards. We also store items like the Jellyfish Chandelier or Big Idea II Pendant Lamp (in the shape of an extra large light bulb) for anyone looking to make a bold statement.

So come have some fun! Find a ceiling lamp in our selection of Mid-Century Modern ceiling lamps in Bethesda to finish off the design of your room today.