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Bedroom Storage

Urban life means endless restaurants, shops, concerts, parks, festivities, and more at your fingertips. It also means somewhat cramped living spaces with less room for storage than you would get in the suburbs or the countryside. For this reason, Urban Loft has taken special care to design quality bedroom storage options, including Mid-Century Modern end tables in Bethesda, MD.

Our philosophy is that urban living shouldn’t make you feel cramped and uncomfortable. In fact, we view small spaces as a design challenge to come up with even more inventive ways to design storage pieces.

Our wide variety of Mid-Century Modern end tables in Bethesda, MD features the following:

  • Intricate door designs like the Gate Armoire
  • Rich elements of gold or silver in the Franklin Side Cabinet
  • Sophisticated sculpted wood in the Emile Dresser
  • Smart usage of space in the Gus Modern Annex Credenza, which is long and low to the ground

Our display of modern end tables in Bethesda, MD showcases our unique approach to urban living. Why not let your intuition guide you when selecting this storage item? With so many well-designed choices, you don’t need to worry about whether the piece will do the job. Stop by our showroom today to see what pieces speak to you.