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It’s often said that it’s all in the details. At Urban Loft, we agree. Furniture and accessories aren’t simply about utilitarian necessities. How you decorate your home should be a representation of you and your style. Our wide range of accessories ensure you can stylishly and affordably decorate your home to truly represent your personality.

Urban Loft specializes in clean, modern, Mid-Century styling. Our collection of accessories and modern wall décor in Bethesda will add a unique style to your home.

Long a staple of every home, the wall clock is a perfect way to spruce up your home’s wall décor. We offer a wide range of clocks to fit with any style of decorating in any room. For the kitchen we have a baker wall clock, a fork and spoon wall clock, a frying pan wall clock, and more.

We carry a range of modern wall clocks that are sure to add style to any room. These clocks feature a sunburst pattern and do so much more than simply tell time; they add style and flair. We also offer a wide range of traditional round wall clocks. From the classic schoolroom clock to more modern and fun options, you’re sure to find what you need. Choose Urban Loft for the best modern wall décor in Bethesda.

Stay Ahead of the Times
We also offer a wide range of unique wall clocks. Our eyesight clock matches a typical time piece with an optician’s eye test card. Our quiz wall clock features mathematical equations in place of each number space.

Whatever style you decorate your home with, we have the perfect wall clock for you, from LED clocks, to time zone clocks, to Mondrian influenced pieces, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect timepiece for your home.

Putting the final touch on a room isn’t always easy. Sometimes all it takes is the perfect graphic pillow or a one of a kind petrified wood serving tray. We offer a range of decor accessories that are sure to add the perfect, final accent to your home. Visit our online store or our showroom for the best selection of modern wall décor in Bethesda.

We have minimalist wine rack storage panels, made of clear acrylic that provide clean, stylish wine storage. Our fruit trough is the perfect window or table top addition that can store and display fruit. It also works great as an herb garden or a planter for succulents.

Finishing Touch
Our petrified wood serving trays are truly unique. Each one is made from 1000 year old petrified wood and comes with hand forged steel serving handles. Our picture rails are a stylish and modern way to display photos, artwork, plants, and found objects. These displays give you the option of displaying your most treasured objects without the clutter or harsh lines of more traditional shelving.

Choose Urban Loft
When you’re looking to put the finishing touches on your home, choose Urban Loft. You're sure to find what you're looking for in our extensive selection of modern wall décor in Bethesda. Call, click, or come by our showroom today!